All volunteers are allowed to bring their children under the age of 10 to the festival free of charge. Children over the age of 5 must wear a wristband, which is handed out in Check-In.

If your child is between the ages of 10 to 14, you can purchase a wristband. The price is 400 DKK per child.

The wristband is put on when the child arrives at Check-In accompanied by a parent. Any payment is also handled here.

Remember to bring the child’s yellow health insurance card to Check-In.

Young people, from the age of 15, must buy a Full festival ticket (if tickets are not sold out). It is not possible to exchange a ticket for a volunteer wristband.

Children of volunteers under the age of 15 must always be in the company of an adult.

Please note that there are special rules for passionate volunteers and for children of professionals. Read below for a complete overview.

Children at RF24

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All volunteers must wear a volunteer wristband. The wristbands are handed out from Check-In in Building 6 at Roskilde Business College, Bakkesvinget 67, 4000 Roskilde.

Your wristband will be handed out in Check-In by showing your Check-In card and photo ID. You can find your Check-In card on your profile on People.

You must wear a valid wristband from Wednesday 26 June at 08:00 to Wednesday 10 July at 09:00. The wristband gives you access to all open areas as well as restricted areas for those who need it to do their jobs.

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You must always show your volunteer wristband when passing through a gate. If you’re driving through a gate, you must come to a complete stop and show your wristband.

Enhanced check of wristbands at gates

At times, your wristband will be scanned at our gates. We do this to ensure that you have access to the area.

In addition, we scan wristbands to keep track of how many people are in our areas at any given time. This helps us keep the festival safe. 

We may also physically check your wristband by pulling on it to ensure that it is still attached properly. If that is not the case, you will be directed to Check-In to get it fixed.

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Your wristband is handed out at Check-In. Remember to bring your Check-In card and valid photo ID.

You can also collect other products assigned on your People profile, e.g., driving or parking permits, before and after wristbands or bicycle permits.


Check-In opening hours
Open all hours from Saturday 22 June at 11:30 to Saturday 6 July at 23:59.


Check-In address

Roskilde Business College, Building 6, Bakkesvinget 67, 4000 Roskilde – North of the Festival Area.


Remember your Check-In card

When you go to claim your festival wristband, you need to bring your Check-In card on your smartphone or as a printout. Remember to bring a valid photo ID. Check-In card and wristband are personal.

You can find your personal Check-In card on the front page of People


Arrival at Check-In

We encourage everyone to arrive at Check-In by foot, bicycle, or bus from Roskilde Station. It is not possible to get to Check-In by train from Roskilde Station to the festival.

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People who need to enter the area during the building and dismantling periods, but not during the festival, will be given a helper wristband. The wristband grants access from Wednesday 26 June at 08:00 to Wednesday 3 July at 16:00 and again from Sunday 7 July at 04:00 to Wednesday 10 July at 09:00.

Your supervisor will allocate helper wristbands.

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Please note that, subject to Danish law, it is not allowed to re-sell tickets at a higher price than its face value. Therefore, it is not allowed to re-sell one’s Roskilde Festival volunteer wristband, as this is given without charge and is as such without value.

In most cases, a wristband is a prerequisite for your ability to perform your volunteer effort during the festival and must not be mistaken for salary.

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If you have lost your wristband, you must inform your supervisor and go to Check-In.

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Festivalgoers who have booked Early Entry will get access to Camping West and Camping East from Saturday 29 June at 10:00.

Everyone else will get access to Camping West and East from Saturday 29 June at 16:00.

Please note that you are only permitted to be at Camping West and East on Saturday 29 June from 10:00 to 16:00, if you have a valid reason and are wearing an official Roskilde Festival vest in the colour matching your task in the Camping Area.

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Access to Volunteer Camping

When you have received your wristband at Check-In, you can access Volunteer Camping by going through Gate 0 and walking along Darupvej.

Camping West

If you want to pitch your tent in the Camping Area, you must comply with the same rules as festivalgoers in the area.

Camping West is regular camping. There is free access to this area for all festivalgoers from Saturday 29 June at 16:00.

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Between 10:00 and 16:00, volunteers are not allowed to pitch tents, block off or in any way reserve an area for themselves or others at Camping West.

If you want access to Camping West on Saturday 29 June between 10:00-16:00, you need to book Early Entry. Please note that there is a limited number of tickets for sale.

Additionally, if you have Early Entry via Entrance Train Station you need to book a train ticket in advance. The price of a train ticket is DKK 75 and includes Early Entry. You can buy it in the Webshop. If you arrive by train after 16:00, you can buy a train ticket at Roskilde Station. 

Camping East

All of Camping East is designated Community Camping and Special Camping.

Get access from Saturday 29 June at 10:00-16:00 with an Early Entry ticket and regular access at 16:00 via Entrance East.

Read about Community Camping and Special Camping

Take the bus from Roskilde Station

On Saturday 29 June shuttle buses operate from Roskilde Station to Check-In and back.

A shuttle bus for volunteers operates between Entrance East and Entrance West with stops at Gate 35, Gate 3, Gate 1, Gate 19 and Gate 25.

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Replacement of severed, worn or nearly broken volunteer wristbands is made in Check-In at Roskilde Business College, Building 6. Remember to bring photo ID. Please inform your supervisor and go to Check-In, if you have lost your wristband.

You should also be aware that everyone, including children above the age of 5, must wear a valid wristband. 

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There is a chip in your wristband. It is personal and gives you easy access to your volunteer products.

Volunteer products on your wristband

After checking in, your volunteer products will automatically be transferred to your wristband.

When you are logged into the official Roskilde Festival app, you can keep track of your products in your Wallet.

Find your meal and drink vouchers

You can find your meal and drink vouchers on the wristband. You can redeem your vouchers by scanning your wristband in our food and drink stands.

You can also transfer vouchers to another volunteer. This can be done in your Wallet.

You cannot use your wristband for payment

You cannot use your wristband for payments. We accept all regular payment cards in all stands.

Do you need access to an area?

If you need access to an area, please contact your Team Leader, who can check in People whether you have been assigned access to the correct areas.

If you continue to have problems, please visit Check-in where you received your wristband.

Do you need access to Volunteer Catering?

If you don’t have access to Volunteer Catering, please contact your Team Leader, who can check whether you have been assigned the correct access in People.

If this does not solve the problem, please visit Check-in where you received your wristband.


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