All stands must post signs with the contents of their dishes and be able to tell people what ingredients are used.

If you have allergies or is simply interested in what you eat, you can always ask the person responsible for the stand about ingredients. 

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Food Court is the festival’s culinary lab. Here, you can explore lots of exiting food stands and bars offering a varied and different selection of food and beverages.

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At Roskilde Festival, most beverages are poured in reusable cups.


Exchange your cups

The price for the first cup is DKK 5. The next time you buy something to drink – and hand in your used cup – the new cup is free. We call that a swap. Whether you start with a beer, drink or coffee, you only pay for the purchase of the first glass, and then you can switch between the three types of glass

Save for later

When you don’t want to drink for a while, you can hand in your cup in one of the many stands that sell beverages, and they will register a token on your wristband.

Your token can be used when you buy a new beverage. That way, you don’t have to pay DKK 5 for the next cup.

New booth for recycled glass in the Arena area

This year we are opening a new type of stall at the area near Arena, where we only buy back cups and jugs. Here, the many who just want to hand in a few cups or jugs can get through quickly.

We are also testing some collection stations where you can donate your cups for specific purposes. Come by and help us develop the future together.


More than six cups? Go to the refund stand

You can hand in up to six cups in drink stands. If you have more than six cups, you can hand them in at the refund stands. Reusable cups that are handed over to the refund stand are bought back by Roskilde Festival at DKK 1 /pc. The remaining DKK 4 go toward managing the refund system. The refund stands close on 2 July at 12:00. After this time, consider your cups a souvenir to bring home and use.

Single-use cups with water, which are handed out in front of the stages, are not part of the refund system. Wine and shots glasses are not single-use and can as always be handed in at the refund stands.


Why do we have reusable cups?

We introduced reusable cups in 2019 because we want to change the single-use culture that creates a lot of the waste at Roskilde Festival.

The cups can be reused many times. This means that we save on the production of new cups and reduce the consumption of resources.

To reuse the cup, it must be handed in, stored in a cool place, and washed and reused for other events. It is a great logistical task, and we collect data and assess the solution on an ongoing basis, so we can optimise the system with less environmental impact.

The cups are made of polypropylene – also known as PP plastic. When a cup can't be reused anymore, it is sent back to the supplier where the material is reused for non-food approved plastic products.

Today, biobased single-use cups can’t be reused or recycled, which means that the resources and materials are lost. The world needs us to reduce our resource consumption and ensure more recycling and reuse. Roskilde Festival supports this agenda with this initiative among others.

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The festival has a refund and reuse programme, which goes far beyond what we know from our everyday lives. This is where each of us can make a difference, and we hope that you will join in, along with the more than 1,000 volunteers who participate in the effort.

In addition to the refund we already know, the festival also has refund on other items, such as beer carriers, wine and liquor bottles and foreign or damaged cans (nonmarketable cans). As such, refund is a closed recycling system, so the festival has chosen to include a further environmental initiative by introducing the purchase and buyback of reusable cups and pitchers. Both refund and buyback are handled at the refund stands.

Reusable cups and pitchers can either be exchanged to clean cups/pitchers or repaid to the wristband in beverage stands or the refund stands can buy them back.

Der findes tre pantboder på campingområdet og en Drop&Go-pantmaskine ved Agora L, der tæller op til 100 stk/minut.

There are three refund stands distributed across the festival area. There is also a Drop&Go refund machine near Agora L that counts up to 100 items a minute.



Refund stands opening hours

West City and Agora L

From Saturday June 29th at 16:00 to Sunday July 7th at 12:00 (noon).

Everyday from 08:00 to 02:00.

Drop&Go is open around the clock


East City

From Wednesday July 3rd at 16:00 to Sunday July 7th at 04:00.

Everyday from 10:00 to 04:00.



Refund payout

When you hand in your refund or sell your reusable cups/pitchers in a refund stand at Roskilde Festival, the money is paid out in cash or to your credit or debit card e.g., Dankort.

The money is paid out in cash or to your credit or debit card in our Refund Payout stand, which you will find near Arena.


Opening hours

Sunday 30 June to Saturday 6 July: 12:00-18:00
Sunday 7 July: 10:00-14:00



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Since 2016, Roskilde Festival has run the effort Responsible Refund. The goal is to match expectations and create better relations between refund collectors, the festival, and the participants at the festival through dialogue and improved working conditions for refund collectors.

Among other things, volunteers behind Responsible Refund run a back area for the refund collectors. This is where they can find a ‘safe space’, have a rest and a shower, quench their thirst, and have a free meal made from produce collected through our food waste project. We also have a team assisting refund collectors that are out in the field.

We estimate that more than 300 refund collectors from about 15 different countries visit the festival each year.

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In Central Park, you will find our Basic Supermarket. Here, you can buy convenience goods and other festival essentials:

  • Beverages: Grøn Tuborg, wine, cider, soft drinks, Kildevæld water and energy drinks.
  • Food: Salads, fruit, vegetables, dairy, cereal, processed food, rye bread, rolls, cinnamon snails, sausage rolls, focaccia, chocolate scones, burger, croissants and home-made sandwiches from the delicatessen.
  • Hygiene products
  • Non-food products


Opening hours

Saturday June 29th at 16-24
Sunday June 30th to Saturday July 6th at 07-04

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