You must apply for accreditation to gain access as an agency, record label or management and we recommend that you study the conditions and criteria for accreditation before you and your company apply.

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You have to fill out our application form. Deadline for application is 15 May.

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An accreditation fee is DKK 600 for all days and DKK 400 for one day (ex. handling fee). Please remember that the festival is non-profit. The payment contributes to Roskilde Festival’s expenses concerning the establishment of the Press Centre and a variety of service facilities for accredited press in Backstage Village.

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If there is more than one representative of a given agency, record label or management, please submit one joint application.

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Where can I sleep and how much does it cost?

You can pay for Restricted Camping where you will find toilets and hot showers. This applies for both camping in your own tent and your own caravan. Camping can be ordered after you receive your accreditation.

The price for camping in your own tent is 400kr (ex. fee). The price for camping in your caravan is 1850 (ex. fee).

Opening hours for Restricted Camping is to be determined.

Furthermore, feel free to camp with the audience – at no extra charge.

Arrival at the festival

The Festival Site is situated south of the town of Roskilde. If you arrive by train, get off the train at Roskilde Station. From Roskilde Station you can easily continue to the festival area by bus, taxi or by foot.

Do not take the train from Roskilde Station to the festival station in the camping areas before having checked in. It is not possible to get from the train station in the festival camping area to Check-In without a valid festival wristband.

Where is Check-In?

Check-In is situated in Roskilde Handelsskole, Building 6, Bakkesvinget 67 (north of the motorway and the festival area).

Check-In for members of the music industry opens Saturday 29 June. More information about this will follow.

Where can I park?

We recommend leaving the car at home and instead use the formidable public transportation options. We cannot guarantee any parking spots close to the Festival Site. Please check the parking signs as you approach the festival area should you need to bring your car.

What is Backstage Village?

Backstage Village is Roskilde Festival’s working place and meeting point for members of the press, the music industry and the partners of the festival.

Record labels may be found in Backstage Village, and this is also the place where the media prepare and carry out their work. You will find Backstage Village east of the Orange Stage. This area offers facilities such as the Press Centre (for press only), Wi-Fi, food stands, toilets and much more.

What can I use the Press Centre and the Media Service Office for?

You will find The Media Service Office alongside The Press Centre in the western part of Backstage Village. The Press Centre is for press only and access requires a media wristband.

The Media Service Office is an information and service office for the music industry and the media. You will find information about changes in the programme, and we will try to answer all kinds of questions relating to your working day at the festival – including accreditation questions.


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Do I need a permission to bring recording equipment?

You must enter a signed agreement with Roskilde Festival prior to the festival to be allowed to record moving pictures or sound on the Festival Site. Stickers that must be applied on the recording equipment (both sound and video) are handed out at Check-In and/or at the Media Service Office in Hall 2 in Backstage Village.

A sticker will NOT be applied on cameras intended to still photography regardless of the size of the camera and not on smart phones either.

If your still camera is unexpectedly rejected at checkpoints, please contact the Media Service Office.

Feel free to bring recording devices to the audience’s camping areas – even without signing an agreement and hence with no sticker on it.

Do I need permission to take concert photos?

There are photo pits that require special access at the two biggest stages: Orange Stage and Arena. A concert photo permission will be granted to a very limited number of professional photographers. It is, however, allowed to take pictures anywhere else without a special permission and with a “normal size” equipment, just not in the photo pit in front of the stages.


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