You can use the designated disabled parking spaces if you have a valid EU parking card. The card is issued by Disabled People's Organisation Denmark and several equivalent organizations abroad. There are disabled parking spaces available at all entrances.

Remember that the card is associated with the person, not the vehicle.

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If you, as a person with a disability, require a companion when attending Roskilde Festival, there are good possibilities to bring your companion along. As documentation for your need, you must be able to present either:

  • A companion card issued by Danish Disability Organizations
  • Or on of the following equivalent foreign card:

If you do not have such a card but still believe you are entitled to bring a companion to Roskilde Festival free of charge, please write to


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If you are a guest, you need to purchase a "Disabled with Companion" ticket from Ticketmaster. These tickets are available for both full festival passes and single-day passes. If you have already purchased a regular ticket, Ticketmaster can assist you in exchanging it for a "Disabled with Companion" ticket.

If you are a volunteer, please contact your team leader.

You and your companion must arrive together at Roskilde Festival.

You must be able to provide documentation for your need for a companion, either in the form of a companion card or an approval from

Important information about companions:
You can bring 1 companion with you for free at Roskilde Festival. The companion can be exchanged during the festival: when one companion leaves the area, another can enter and take over.

If you are a guest, both you and your companion will receive regular audience wristbands. A "Disabled with Companion" ticket does not grant access to special areas. You must use the regular audience entrances.

If you are a volunteer, your companion will have access to the same areas as you do.

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At Roskilde Festival, we are a diverse community of partygoers and campers, and it is important that we take care of each other and respect our different needs and ways of experiencing the festival. The Sunflower Ribbon is a way to raise awareness of some of these differences. It is a tool to signal that someone has an invisible disability or impairment. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower – or simply the Sunflower ribbon – has a plastic pocket where a brief description can be placed.

Anyone can use the the Sunflower. It does not grant any special privileges but is used to indicate when someone may need extra support.

So when you see a Sunflower, you know that this person may benefit from being approached with:

- Extra patience or a little more time
- Extra help and support

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Camping Area
Roskilde Festival has a camping area called Handi-camp, specifically designed and reserved for guests with special needs or disabilities.

Bathroom and toilet facilities
There are more than 20 accessible toilets distributed throughout the festival grounds, including at all service hubs. Most of the accessible toilets are locked and can only be used by individuals with special needs. You can obtain a key to the locked accessible toilets by filling out this form:

You will also find toilets and showers with lifts at Handi-camp.

Concert experiences
At most stages, there are platforms to assist wheelchair users in being at the same eye level as the rest of the audience.

If you have difficulty being in crowded spaces, we recommend that you familiarize yourself in advance with seating installations, platforms, crowd density, screen placements, and sound conditions at each stage. Hosts in front of the stages are ready to assist.

As a festival participant, you purchase access to the entire festival grounds and the overall experience. This means that we cannot offer seat reservations on the platforms for individual concerts.

We recommend that you arrive as early as possible to ensure the best possible live experience with your favorite artists.

RF Our Way (Facebook Group)
Join RF Our Way on Facebook and take part in discussions about Handicap Service, ask questions, and share your experiences.

If you have any questions or specific needs that we can accommodate, please contact


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We have a strong focus on safety, preparedness, and responsibility, and we collaborate with authorities, researchers, and educational institutions to make the festival enjoyable and safe for everyone.

You can read more about our work on safety and responsibility here.

During the festival, you can contact us 24/7 at +45 46 36 66 13. We can assist with practical matters such as finding a toilet, providing assistance to return to your tent, or repairing a punctured wheelchair.

If you have an urgent need for help, you can always approach our service hosts in orange vests. They can assist you directly or contact their supervisor for further assistance.

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Roskilde Festival's approximately 30,000 volunteers tackle many diverse tasks. As a volunteer, you can become part of a team and have a base where others know you and your needs.

Here are a few tips if you're considering volunteering at Roskilde Festival:

  • Consider what you would most like to do. The practical challenges related to accessibility can almost always be resolved in a good way.
  • You can find listings of available positions on our website here. Get in touch with the responsible individuals behind the listing and tell them about yourself, your strengths, and any difficulties you may have.
  • Contact us at, and we will assist you in finding a volunteer position that suits you.

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We recommend filling out our online accessibility contact form before the festival. Here, you can briefly describe your needs, and we will then get in touch with you to discuss the various options.

If you have any further questions about your upcoming festival experience or are unsure if Roskilde Festival is right for you, please feel free to contact us via email at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are also interested in hearing from you if you have suggestions on how we can make Roskilde Festival even more accessible.

Lastly, you can join the RF Our Way group on Facebook and participate in conversations about accessibility and disability services. Here, you can ask questions and share your festival experiences with others.

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