You can get an overview of the festival site in our map.


You can find the map as a PDF file here.

There is also an interactive version of the map in the Roskilde Festival app, where you can filter which facilities are highlighted, so that you can easily get an overview of exactly the services that are relevant to you.

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North of Central Park, you will find the Bazar area. Here you will unique shops, Food is Now, and our Do Good Market.

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Food Is Now in the Bazar area takes the potential of food into loving hands. This year, we delve into the earth's possibilities and unique flavor universe. You are invited to workshops, panel debates, talks, performances, pop-up dinners and sensuous taste experiences. So, get ready to get soil under your nails!

See the programme for Food Is Now in the schedule.

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Out of respect for the nine young men who died on 30 June 2000 at Roskilde Festival and their families, we made a memorial grove in the western end of the audience area for Orange Stage in 2001.

The sculpture made by Lars Skov Nielsen is engraved with the writing “how fragile we are”.


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Platform in Art Zone is a stage for hybrid formats, performances, dance, art, and music. The dynamic setting brings the audience and artists close together for the many special, sensuous experiences.

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The music stages at Roskilde Festival are located at the inner part of the festival. Read about the scenes below and check the schedule for the complete overview of everything you can experience.


Apollo is the stage at Roskilde Festival that houses all the music that thrives best in intimate club settings with visuals and deep frequencies at full tilt. Apollo is closed during the daytime, but at night the stage opens for its audiences and invites to music, party, and dancing until the early hours.

Arena is Roskilde Festival’s large concert arena, which year after year accumulates audiences in a very special community under the canopy. This year, we are expanding the area south of the stage. Look forward to greener surroundings, more space, and the opportunity to enjoy a refreshment in the shade of the treetops.

Avalon embraces music of alle genres, from all corners of the world. The stage sets the frame for large, small, and even intimate experiences. This year, we offer a very special experience on Wednesday, where the concerts take place in the middle of the tent instead of up on the stage. You will find the stage in the north-eastern corner of the Inner Area.

Eos is our newest open-air stage, which debuted in 2024. In the first days of the festival, it is home to new Nordic shooting stars and in the last four days you will find a wide range of international names on stage. You will find the Eos stage in the western end of the Inner Area.

You will find Gaia south of Orange Stage. With an audience capacity of 2,000, Gaia is synonymous with both delicate and hard-hitting experiences, which work great in intimate settings. Gaia also guarantees encounters with the stars of tomorrow and niche artists who erase barriers and genres.

Gloria is the smallest stage at Roskilde Festival. Here, you will enter the darkness and get close to the performers, who can be enjoyed in the amazing visual setting. This is where we experiment the most with genres and go from the most fragile sounds to the more extreme and physical expressions.


Orange Stage
Orange Stage is Roskilde Festival’s main stage and the centre for the large communities. Through the years, the stage has hosted the largest stars in the world and living legends. The iconic orange canopy is also our logo.

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