You can park your bike by all entrances to Roskilde Festival:

  • Entrance West by Gate 25
  • Entrance North at the corner of Maglegårdsvej and Darupvej (Gate 1)
  • Entrance East across from Gate 35
  • Volunteer Camping – close to the skate park.

We also have bike parking by Volunteers’ Village and by the office area near Gate 3A (Kamstrupstien).

Bike parking is free of charge for everyone.

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Anyone can ride their bike in the Camping Area and on Darupvej without a bike permit.

In general, bikes are not allowed on the Inner Area when the area is open to participants. However, special cases may require the need to bring a bike to the Inner Area – and only in these cases is a bike permit issued.

You need a bike permit, if you must bring your bike to the Inner Area between Wednesday 3 July at 16:00 and Sunday 7 July at 08:00 – except in the service hours between 04:00 and 10:00.

You can apply for at bike permit with your supervisor. The application must then be approved by your Division Management. Note, that you must have a special reason for bringing your bike on to the Inner Area to get the permission.

A bike permit is a wristband that must be attached to the bike, and it can be collected at Check-in.

Without a bike permit, it will still be possible to bring a bike:

  • from Darupvej to Camping East - east and west of Inner Area
  • through Gate 14 to Gate 10 behind Apollo and Pavilion.
  • through Gate 3(A) to Gate 41 behind Volunteers’ Village and Sovebyen

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Free shuttle bus for volunteers

If you need to get around the festival area, you can take the shuttle bus, which is free of charge for volunteers upon presentation of a volunteer wristband.
The bus stops at entrance East, Gate 3, Darupvej near Roskilde Festivalplads Station, Volunteer Camping and entrance West.

The bus runs at all hours from Saturday 29 June at 16:00 to Sunday 7 July at 07:00.

Sunday 7 July from 07:00-17:00, the bus drives between Roskilde Startin and Entrance West.


Bus for volunteers from Roskilde Station to Check-in

If you’re going to Check-in on Saturday 29 June, you can take the bus between Roskilde Station and Check-in.

Until 15:30 the bus will have a visible Volunteer sign. After this time, most buses will pass by Check-in. You can ask the driver about the route.

Ticket price pr. ride is DKK 25.


Long-distance bus to and from the festival

For longer journeys to and from the festival, it is also possible to travel by bus.

See departures here

As a volunteer, you can travel free of charge on Nobina's buses from Høje Taastrup, Køge Nord and Roskilde Station to the festival before you have received your volunteer wristband. You simply present your check-in card when boarding.


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The Danish Road Traffic Act also applies at the festival area and the speed limit everywhere is max. 20 km/h.

Bring your driving licence with you when driving and be considerate of pedestrians. Pay special attention in congested areas. Never drive on the grass if at all avoidable.

It is not allowed to operate work vehicles, trucks, and other vehicles without a valid license. It is against the law to transport people in work vehicles if they’re not made to carry passengers. Therefore, never sit on an open truck bed or other open vehicles.


Driving permits

In several places on the festival area, special rules for driving apply.

Learn more about driving permits at RF24 here (in Danish)

See overview of driving permits (in Danish)


Scheduled driving ban

From Wednesday 3 July to Sunday 7 July at 04:00, driving on the Inner Area is only allowed in the hours between 04:00 and 10:00. Exceptions are driving permits K1, ART (driving to Gaia) and in special cases EX.

The Darup corridor (Darupvej between Gate 20 and Gate 2) are closed from Wednesday 3 July at 15:00 in connection with the opening of the Inner Area. All cars are directed to go through Vor Frue and Darup. The Darup corridor will reopen for passage with the right permits when the opening of the Inner Area is over.

Likewise, driving may be halted briefly while large crowds of people arrive or leave the festival area.

Contact the Permit Office for further information.

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We recommend everyone to use public transport, or to go by bike, when going to the festival. It is better for the environment, and we prefer to use the parking areas for better camping facilities.

However, we understand that some people need to come by car, and for that purpose, we have set up several parking lots in connection with Roskilde Festival.

Parking for volunteers

There are two large parking lots for cars – EAST and WEST (they are divided into two zones: W and WY).

As a volunteer, you can park your vehicle on the parking lots for volunteers. This is free of charge and all you need to do is to show your volunteer wristband at the entrance. The areas are located by W, EY and WY.

W is for short term parking while you are on shift, while EY and WY are for long term parking. There is a 15-minute walk from the parking area to the festival.

If you want to park somewhere else, you can buy a parking spot in the paid parking areas on equal terms with paying festivalgoers.

See map of the parking areas


Opening hours for parking areas

W (short-term parking), WY (long-term parking) and EY (long-term parking):

Saturday 29 June at 07:00 to Sunday 7 July at 12:00.


Parking in general

There is no surveillance in the areas, so make sure your insurance covers any damage or theft.

It is not allowed to sleep in the car.

Use of open fire, gas burner or other heat sources in the areas is not permitted.


Restricted Parking for volunteers with special parking needs

North of Darupvej at Gate 3, including the Business College, in City Centres and the depot in Vor Frue, have parking areas, which require special parking permits.

As with wristbands and driving permits, these permits are assigned individually in People by the respective divisions for cars with special parking needs.

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Taxi ranks are on the opposite side of Entrance East and by Check-In.

We advise against using pirate taxis.

See map of the parking areas

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Trains run to and from Roskilde Station (Track 7) and our very own train station, Roskilde Festival Train Station (Roskilde Festivalplads St.), which is in Camping West. Travel time is approximately three minutes.

See departures and changes at


Train tickets – prices and sales

Price for a one-way ticket between Roskilde Station and Roskilde Festival Train Station is DKK25. Rejsekort is not applicable for train fare to Roskilde Festival Train Station – it only applies until Roskilde Station.

If you’re going further than Roskilde Station, DSB and DOT ticket fees apply. 


Ticket sales on the festival area

DSB has set up their own ticket sales at Roskilde Festival Train Station. Here, you can buy train tickets, collect booked tickets, and get information about departure times, prices, DSB Ung etc.

Please note that we do not accept cash in the ticket sales at the festival.   

The ticket sales is open for as long as trains run to and from the station.

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