You can get an overview of the festival site in our map.


You can find the map as a PDF file here.

There is also an interactive version of the map in the Roskilde Festival app, where you can filter which facilities are highlighted, so that you can easily get an overview of exactly the services that are relevant to you.

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Roskilde Festival has its own pharmacy, which you will find in Central Park.


Opening hours

Saturday 29 June: 16-22

Sunday 30 June to Saturday 6 July: 10-22

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There is a total of six locations on the Camping Area, where you can have a shower.

Cold showers are free and can be found by the toilets in C and L.

Hot showers are DKK35, and can be found in C, L and G, P and Caravan Camping. The hot showers are open from Saturday 29 June to Saturday 6 July from 08:00-22:00

There is also a shower wagon with private stalls. The wagon is not separated by gender. A shower is DKK35; it is open from Saturday 29 June to Saturday 6 July from 08:00-22:00 and is in J.

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In collaboration with Herbox, we will place dispensers at 15 different toilet islands at the festival site, where festivalgoers can get organic tampons and pads for free.

The dispensers are equipped with a mechanical 45-second time delay that makes it possible to take only one menstrual product at a time.

About Herbox:

Herbox is a Swedish-owned company that was created to create equal conditions regardless of body type. They produce menstrual products and dispensers for the products.

All Herbox menstrual products are made from organic cotton and contain no chemicals or bleaches. A natural choice for taking care of both the body and the environment.

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If you find lost property, you must hand it over to the Lost Property Office in Central Park right away.

The Lost Property Office is open all hours from Saturday 29 June at 10.00 until Sunday 7 July at 12.00.


Claiming lost property

You can claim your lost property in the Lost Property Office in Central Park until Sunday 7 July at 12:00.

After Roskilde Festival, the Lost Property Office moves to the festival’s meeting rooms in the basement at Havsteensvej 11 in Roskilde. It is open Monday 8 July and Tuesday 9 July from 10:00-18:00.

On Wednesday 10 July, unclaimed lost property will be handed over to the Central and West Zealand Police in Roskilde, Skovbogade 3, 4000 Roskilde. You can contact them on phone +45 46 35 14 48.

The police will appreciate if you wait a week before you contact them.

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Roskilde Festival is cashless. That means that you can only use credit and debit cards when paying at the festival. We accept all standard payment cards. 

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Whether it's your first or tenth time at Roskilde Festival, we all need to retreat now and then. Fortunately, there are areas that are more calm than the rest of the festival.

You can, for example, visit The Garden between the Orange Stage and Avalon, where there is space to relax in the shade of many trees. Also, stop by The Yard in East City and the areas around The Swimming Lake and The Fishing Lake, where you can take a dip or relax on the grass.

You can find these calm places on the festival map. Look for our 'Calm Areas,' marked with a meditating person.

It's perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed by eight days at the festival. If you sense that it’s becoming too much, there's no shame in taking a break. You can always choose to spend an afternoon or a night elsewhere to recharge.

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Orange Together Soft Spots mark an effort to increase safety in the camping area by offering permanent places where you can seek advice and help on difficult topics.


Soft Spots are located in three places: in Area L (Camping East), in Area B (Camping West) and on the inner festival site just east of Orange Scene.
They are open every day between 10:00 and 16:00 and are manned by trained staff. You can stop by to talk about consent, sex, feelings, or if you've experienced something unpleasant and/or transgressive that you need to talk about.
There will also be activities in the form of workshops and quizzes on the same themes at Soft Spots.

In addition to the regular Soft Spots, Soft Spot bikes pop up on camping in First Days with activities revolving around anti-racism, gender, being a minority, consent and flirting.

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In Central Park, you will find our Basic Supermarket. Here, you can buy convenience goods and other festival essentials:

  • Beverages: Grøn Tuborg, wine, cider, soft drinks, Kildevæld water and energy drinks.
  • Food: Salads, fruit, vegetables, dairy, cereal, processed food, rye bread, rolls, cinnamon snails, sausage rolls, focaccia, chocolate scones, burger, croissants and home-made sandwiches from the delicatessen.
  • Hygiene products
  • Non-food products


Opening hours

Saturday June 29th at 16-24
Sunday June 30th to Saturday July 6th at 07-04

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You will find flush toilets scattered throughout the festival site, and there are sinks at all toilets. We have different urinals for both seated and standing use on the site.
In collaboration with Herbox, we have placed dispensers at 15 different toilet islands around the festival site, where you can get free tampons and pads.
The regular toilets are not shown on the festival map, but there will be clear signage of them at the site. You can get an overview of where there are disabled toilets on the festival map.


You can easily maintain your shower routine from home and feel fresh and clean throughout the festival. We offer both cold and hot showers, as well as communal showers and gender-separated showers.
You can get an overview of where the shower are located on the festival map.

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There is free Wi-Fi available at several locations within the festival area, including agora areas, city centers, commercial areas, and the Volunteers' Village.

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