Special Camping is an add-on designed to enhance your festival experience. You still need a ticket to Roskilde Festival to gain entry. The sale of Special Camping takes place through our shop.

Caravan Camping
Caravan Camping is an area for those who want to stay in a caravan or motorhome. The area is divided into Caravan North and Caravan South.

The area features bathing and toilet facilities, running water, and space for awnings. It is not allowed to set up your own tent in this area.

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Get A Place
Get A Place is a special camping area where you can reserve a 50- or 100-square-meter space for your camp. You must bring and set up your own tent.

The area is reserved until Sunday, June 30, at 4:00 PM. After that, the camping area will be open to the rest of the festival participants who can use the unused areas.

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Get A Silent Spot
Get A Silent Spot is for those who want to live in an area where we help each other keep it clean, and where there are no noisy parties or constant loud music.

The area is reserved until Sunday, June 30, at 4:00 PM. After that, the camping area will be open to the rest of the festival participants who can use the unused areas.

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MC Camping
If you want to bring your bike to the festival, we have a special area for you in the Caravan Camping section. This area is both for overnight stay and parking and includes showers (for a fee), toilet facilities, and space for tent setup.

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Rent Your Tent
With Rent Your Tent, you get a cleaned, recycled tent at your disposal. Your tent is set up upon arrival and must not be taken home. We take care of taking down and cleaning the tent so we can reuse it for many years.

It's the perfect solution if you want the camping atmosphere without the hassle of bringing and searching for a place to pitch your tent.

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Sleep-In Buses
Sleep-In Buses are for those who prefer to arrive in a bus that you can sleep in. The area is located in Caravan South and has toilet facilities, running water, and space for tents.

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Tenthouse is for those who want a bit more than just a tent. As the name suggests, Tenthouse is a perfect blend of a tent and a house.

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Community Camping is the collective term for the areas where you sign up for something extra. If you feel a special responsibility for the community and would like to give back (and get something in return), then this is just the thing for you. You apply to stay in Community Camping, and you can find the application forms for the respective areas in the links below.

Clean Out Loud

Clean Out Loud is located in the East and stems from a collaboration between Roskilde Festival and Vallekilde Højskole.

Participants sleeping in Clean Out Loud take the lead in the fight to reduce the enormous amounts of waste on the festival grounds. The project focuses on making Roskilde Festival a cleaner and greener place to be without compromising on the party!

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Common Ground

Common Ground brings the spirit of the folk high school to the festival and creates a good community where we can meet each other both in everyday life and in the celebration.

Roskilde Festival Højskole hosts Common Ground. Common Ground is located in area F, right between Dream City and Central Park.

Learn more about Common Ground.

Dream City

Dream City is located in the East and is characterized by being created in strong interaction among its residents.

In Dream City, you will primarily find camps that build their camps with larger constructions, but there are also individual event camps.

Learn more about Dream City.

Leave No Trace
Leave No Trace is located in the East and combines the familiar festival atmosphere with a more sustainable festival culture.

The area is for those who want to have a blast at a festival in a smaller community-based area, where together we explore how to reduce our carbon footprint at the festival.

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Roskilde Road Trip

Roskilde Road Trip is for everyone traveling from abroad to Roskilde Festival and wanting a festival experience with more focus on community. Whether you're traveling alone or with a larger group, you have the opportunity to form a community across borders.

Read about Roskilde Road Trip.

Settle'n Share

Settle'n Share is located in the South, and here it's about sharing with your surroundings and always helping each other, for example, by keeping the camping area clean throughout the festival.

Learn more about Settle’n Share.

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All Special Camping guests are assigned a space after purchase. We ensure that all products bought in the same order are placed together. Therefore, we encourage purchasing together if you want to camp together. If that's not possible, you can fill out our Camp Together form (no later than May 31), and we will do everything we can to place you close to each other.

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In Rent Your Tent, Tenthouse, Get A Place, and Get A Silent Spot, you have been assigned a specific area or tent in advance. If you want to stay next to your friends, there are two options:

  • If the products are purchased in one order, we try to place the products together.
  • If the products are purchased in multiple orders, you can fill out our Camp Together form (no later than 31 May)

In Caravan Camping and Sleep-In Buses, the camping hosts handle the placement. Even if you arrive with two caravans at the same time, we cannot guarantee that they can be placed next to each other. However, the hosts in the area will do their best to assist.

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You cannot modify an already filled out form. If there are changes, we ask you to fill out the form again and send us an email at info@roskilde-festival.dk.

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We have assessed that there is no need to exclude anyone from camping areas and, therefore, do not wish to allocate resources to maintain access control. We also aim for a festival site that fosters and engages communities, without being divided into enclosed areas.

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Can others drive my caravan onto the site, even if they are not attending the festival (e.g., parents)?
Yes, if you have a ticket for Caravan Camping, you can drive in and park a caravan. Subsequently, the area must be vacated, and re-entry is not allowed unless you have a festival ticket.

May I pitch a tent next to my caravan?
It is allowed to set up an awning at the caravan for sleeping. Regular tents are not permitted next to caravans.

Can I ensure getting a spot next to my friends who are also staying in Caravan Camping?
The Caravan Camping area is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to safety regulations in the area, we cannot guarantee adjacent spaces. If you arrive together, the camping hosts will try to assist.

What facilities are available at the Caravan Camping area?
There is access to showers and toilets. Emptying the wastewater tank from your caravan is not permitted. Power supply for your unit is not available.

May I bring a generator with me? And what if I run out of power?
No, for safety reasons, you are not allowed to bring a generator for your caravan. If you only use lights and small electronic devices, the electricity should not run out quickly. You can bring extra batteries, solar chargers, battery-powered camping lights, etc. The festival also provides solutions if you need to charge, for example, a phone or a speaker battery.

How many products can I purchase per order?
10 pieces.

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Is there a reserved area in Get A Silent Spot when you purchase a ticket?
If you have booked Get A Silent Spot, you will receive an email with your assigned location in the area at the latest one week before the festival.

We ensure that all products are placed together if they are purchased in the same order. If you wish to camp together but have not purchased together, you can fill out our Camp Together form by May 31.

The Get a Silent Spot area is reserved for ticket buyers for 24 hours from when we open the festival on 29 June at 16:00. After 30 June at 16:0, the area is open to everyone, and tents can be set up in unused spaces.

How large is the area reserved for me?
You will be allocated space in a camping area where there is room for approximately 165 people. You are free to position yourself within the camping area.

What does the ticket cover? Is one needed per person?
1 ticket = 1 person.

There is room for everyone who has purchased a ticket.

How many products can I purchase per order?
For Get A Silent Spot, the maximum quantity is 10 units.

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What is the size of the MC Camping area?
The MC Camping area will be located in the Caravan North section and is tailored to accommodate the number of motorcycle guests we expect to receive.

Can everyone enter the area with a regular ticket?
Yes, everyone has access to the area. However, only those with a Caravan Camping ticket can set up camping equipment in the area.

How many people can be on a motorcycle? Does it apply to the two who can ride it, or three if you have a sidecar? And does everyone need an MC Camping ticket, or is it only the motorcycle driver who needs an MC Camping ticket?
Only the motorcycle driver needs a special MC Camping ticket. All passengers must present a valid ticket to the Roskilde Festival.

How many products can I purchase per order?
For MC Camping, the maximum quantity is 10 units.

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What should I do if the tent breaks?
If the tent breaks, you should contact the hosts in the area. We will either repair it or set up a new one if it's uninhabitable.

Are the tents single or double-layered?
They are single-layer tents.

How many products can I purchase per order?
For Rent Your Tent, the maximum quantity is 10 units.

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We recommend that you find a buyer for your product yourself. Afterward, you can contact us at info@roskilde-festival.dk, and we can assist in transferring the product to your buyer.

If you are unable to find a buyer on your own, you can contact us via email, and we will reach out to the waiting list to find a buyer. This will be done in batches, and we cannot guarantee if or when we will find a buyer.

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There is a deposit for Tenthouse and Rent Your Tent, as well as for the two Special Camping bundles: Get A Place – Shady Pack (which includes the rental of a pavilion) and Get A Silent Spot – Easy Pack (which includes the rental of a tent).

Tents and pavilions included in the bundles must be picked up at the equipment rental booths and returned to receive the deposit refund.

The deposit is implemented as an incentive to encourage the responsible return of equipment, contributing to a more sustainable festival where we ensure maximum recycling and responsibility for the camping gear used during the event. Non-refunded deposits are used to cover the costs associated with cleanup.

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Rent Your Tent: Clear out your tent, pack it up, and visit the reception. Here, you can get your deposit refunded.

Tenthouse: Clean up around your Tenthouse. Then, go to the reception to receive your deposit refund.

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The deposit is paid along with your product when you complete your order. You will receive your deposit back if you resell your product through Roskilde Festival.

If you choose to resell in another way, your deposit will not be automatically refunded. Instead, you will receive the deposit when the product is returned.

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The deposit is refunded as a reimbursement on the original purchase order to the payment card used for the purchase. It is therefore NOT possible to "resell/transfer" a deposit to others.

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There is a 14-day right of withdrawal for the camping products you purchase in our shop. If you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal, you should send us an email at info@roskilde-festival.dk with information about your ticket.

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Yes. We will provide more information about Early Entry during the spring.

Sign up for our newsletter on our website, and you will be among the first to be notified when we have updates to share about Early Entry.

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We will provide more information about parking options for Roskilde Festival 2024 during the spring.

Sign up for our newsletter on our website, and you will be among the first to be notified when we have updates to share about parking options.

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We all need to contribute to preventing and sorting waste at Roskilde Festival.

Roskilde Festival clearly expects all participants to regularly clean up and, most importantly, sort waste for recycling throughout the festival. This contributes to transforming heavy cans into new ones and recycling glass bottles into new bottles.

We are currently working on implementing new waste solutions to make it easier to sort correctly. You will hear more about this in the spring.

It is a common misconception that camping equipment and belongings left in camping areas are collected for recycling. Roskilde Festival is making efforts to ensure that abandoned but usable items are reused, but it is crucial that you also contribute. This can be done by either taking your equipment, items, and belongings home for reuse or by delivering usable equipment to one of our sorting stations.

If you have questions about waste and sorting upon arrival at the site, you can contact one of the camping hosts in your area.

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