With Corporate Volunteering, companies give their employees the opportunity to donate one or more eight-hour workdays as a volunteer at Roskilde Festival. Employees can work together in teams to solve practical tasks before, during, or after the festival. As volunteers, employees gain access to Roskilde Festival on the day they contribute their efforts.

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Roskilde Festival donates all its proceeds to humanitarian and cultural work, particularly benefiting children and young people. Over the years, Roskilde Festival has donated more than 420 million DKK to charitable causes worldwide. Read more about our donations.

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Roskilde Festival 2024 is an eight day festival, held from Saturday, June 29 to Saturday, July 6. All music stages are open from Wednesday, July 3 to Saturday, July 6.

If your company does not wish to participate during the festival, there is also the opportunity to volunteer during the preparation days from Wednesday, June 26 to June 28 or after the festival from July 7 to 10. If employees volunteer before or after the festival, they will not have access to the festival itself.   

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The company's contact person/leader registers all relevant colleagues in teams via a registration link, where an overview of available "Corporate Volunteer Shifts" is listed.

A 'Corporate Volunteer Shift' includes the following information:

  • Date and time for the shift (8-hour duration)
  • The number of employees the company needs to provide
  • Description of the task

A company can choose several "Corporate Volunteer Shifts".

Once the company leader has chosen the "Corporate Volunteer Shifts" and provided the names and e-mails of the participating colleagues, everyone will be contacted by their future team leader from Roskilde Festival.

The team leader sends a registration link to the volunteer registration system "People" and provides the volunteers with the necessary information. 

Please note that we have limited shifts for one-day volunteers.

Registration closes when all Corporate Volunteer Shifts are filled or by May 1 at the latest.

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Our recruitment team is ready to answer questions about Corporate Volunteer Shifts at corporate.volunteering@roskilde-festival.dk  

As soon as the company has chosen its Corporate Volunteer Shifts and registered as volunteers, their future team leader from Roskilde Festival will be the right contact person. The team leader can answer all practical questions regarding volunteering.

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It is by no means allowed to promote your company in the context of the Roskilde Festival.

The purpose of Corporate Volunteering is to allow more people to experience volunteer roles, contribute to the success of the Roskilde Festival, and support its mission.

If the company wishes to use the Roskilde Festival as a platform to promote its business activities, it must be done through a specific collaboration agreement with the Roskilde Festival regarding a partnership.

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The company's employees can certainly choose to volunteer for 24 or 32 hours and thereby have the full festival experience.

If an employee chooses to volunteer for more than 8 hours, the remaining shifts can, for example, be scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at the festival if the team leader has vacant shifts in the schedule. If an employee wants to volunteer for more than 8 hours, they should contact their team leader. They will jointly arrange the remaining shifts.

  • 8 hours at the festival grants access to that particular day.
  • 24 hours, scheduled over the last four days of the festival (Wednesday-Saturday), grants access to all 8 days of the festival.
  • 32 hours, scheduled over all 8 days, grants access to all 8 days of the festival.

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We recommend sturdy footwear and clothing suitable for the weather. Remember a hat and sunscreen with high protection if the sun is high in the sky. If it's rainy, remember proper rain gear and an umbrella. If the evenings get cold, remember to bring warm clothes.

All volunteers are offered a meal and something to drink on an 8-hour shift.

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  • Free access to the Volunteers' Village with free Wi-Fi, coffee, tea, juice, hot baths and cozy lounge areas. In addition, the Volunteers' Village offers an area with, among other things, free yoga and massage, various events just for volunteers and a cozy volunteer bar.
  • Free access to cozy Volunteer Hubs in both Central, Camping West, and Camping East – with relaxing lounge areas, free coffee, tea, and squash – and free warm showers.
  • The opportunity to get this year’s Volunteer Print printed on your own t-shirt in Volunteers’ Village. 
  • The opportunity to ride free shuttle buses from Roskilde station to the festival site.

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A registration for Corporate Volunteer is binding after May 1, and if one or more of the company's employees are absent from a shift, the company will be billed a non-appearance fee of 2,250 DKK per non-appearing employee.

If an employee is ill and thereby unable to attend their shift, they must immediately contact their team leader. Together they will find a solution either by swapping the shift or cancelling from the team and thereby revoking access to the festival.

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As a volunteer, you must create a personal profile in our volunteer registration system People. 

On your People profile, you find your personal check-in card on the front page. When you go to collect your wristband, you must bring photo ID and the check-in card, which you find on the front page of your People profile.

Check-in for volunteers is found at Bakkesvinget 67, 4000 Roskilde.

Please note that check-in is approximately a 15-minute walk from Roskilde Station and 10 minutes from the entrance to the festival site. The festival site is large, and there are many people. So always arrive early.

If the company's employees volunteer during before or after the festival, the company's contact person will have wristbands ready on the day, and the employees do not need to collect wristbands at check-in. 

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Read much more about volunteering and find answers to frequently asked questions on our website.

Download Roskilde Festival's official app and get access to all the information you need as a volunteer
Download Roskilde Festival's official app to your mobile phone. As volunteers, you can log in to the app with your People login. This way, you get access to all relevant information for volunteers such as news, festival maps, and much more.

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