You can apply directly through the contact information provided in the postings for available service tasks for associations.

If we cannot offer available tasks, or if the tasks do not match your association's needs, you can fill out our contact form.

We will then get in touch with you when we can offer other tasks.

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Your association must have a charitable purpose. The funds you earn as a service association at the Roskilde Festival must be allocated to your charitable purpose. Therefore, you must attach the association's statutes when applying for an association task or if you sign up via our contact form.

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Roskilde Festival offers a wide variety of service tasks for associations. Most tasks take place during the festival itself.

Some tasks occur before and after the festival, and in these cases, the association's volunteers do not receive access passes to the festival itself.

Your association will have a contact person from Roskilde Festival who will ensure that you receive proper instructions for the task and collaborate with you throughout.

Tasks before the festival (do not grant access passes to the festival) include:

  • Setting up tents and other practical tasks
  • Erecting fences

Tasks during the festival include:

  • Service hosts in camping areas
  • Service hosts in arrival areas outside the festival grounds (e.g., Roskilde Station or parking areas)
  • Service hosts at heated showers and toilet facilities
  • Waste management
  • Access control at entrance gates (checking access passes)
  • Handling recyclables - receiving and sorting recyclables
  • Bar staff (it's advantageous if the association has experience in bar operation)

Tasks after the festival (do not grant access passes to the festival) include:

  • Cleanup and waste collection.

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The payment for associations is based on the number of volunteers provided by the association to complete the task.

We calculate payments based on three types of contributions, each with different rates: Standard Contribution, Short Contribution, and Pre/Post Contribution.

Standard Contribution:

Period: All volunteers must commit to a minimum of 32 hours from Saturday, June 29 (some functions a bit earlier), when the festival opens, until Monday, July 8, when the audience has left.

Amount per 32-hour contribution in 2024: 1440 DKK

Short Contribution:

Period: All volunteers must commit to 24 hours from Wednesday, July 3, when the audience gains access to the festival grounds, until Sunday, July 7, when the audience leaves.

Amount per 24-hour contribution in 2024: 1080 DKK

Pre/Post Contribution:

Period: The pre/post contribution lasts approximately one month leading up to the festival and through August. We do not provide festival access passes for this contribution.

Amount per volunteer hour: We settle based on actual time spent, and individual volunteers do not need to participate for a specific number of hours. We pay 90 DKK per volunteer hour.

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We offer both small and large service tasks, which can require anywhere from 20 to 250 volunteers.

Your association is welcome to recruit volunteers who are not already affiliated with your association.

We offer assistance to associations in recruiting volunteers outside of your own association, such as through volunteer postings on our website, training evenings, and guidance from our recruitment team.

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The age requirement depends on the task. All volunteers participating during Roskilde Festival must be at least 15 years old before their first shift.

However, there are specific working conditions for volunteers under 18 years old, and therefore, not all service tasks can be carried out with volunteers under 18 on the team.

We have no age requirements for service tasks performed after the festival, as long as the team effort is led by an adult.

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The following conditions apply to all volunteers who commit to 24 or 32 hours depending on the task during the festival.

Your association should ensure that your volunteers receive at least one meal during a shift. You can choose to prepare meals yourselves or enroll all your volunteers in Roskilde Festival's 'meal voucher scheme,' where volunteers receive food from festival food stalls.

All volunteers have access to special volunteer facilities and offerings, whether engaged through an association or directly with Roskilde Festival.

The facilities include:

  • Free access to the Volunteers' Village with Wi-Fi and complimentary coffee, tea, and soft drinks in cozy lounge areas where you can take a well-deserved break. Additionally, the Volunteers' Village offers a wellness area with free yoga and massage. In the evenings, there are parties exclusively for volunteers with lively DJs, bands, and a friendly volunteer bar.
  • Free access to comfortable Volunteer Hubs in Camping West, Camping East, and Central, featuring relaxing lounge areas, complimentary coffee, tea, and soft drinks, as well as free heated showers.
  • Access to Volunteer Camping, providing a peaceful night's sleep and free heated showers. Registration is required before the festival.

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Your association must appoint one association representative who will work directly with a contact person from Roskilde Festival year-round. Your contact person will ensure that you receive all relevant information to perform the task effectively.

The time commitment for your association representatives depends on the size of the task. You should expect to receive regular information via email and attend mandatory evening meetings and potential training sessions.

Additionally, you will need to spend time recruiting volunteers for the task, registering them in Roskilde Festival's volunteer database, and providing instructions to ensure they are prepared for the task during the festival.

You will also be invited to optional social and professional events with the rest of Roskilde Festival's volunteer community throughout the year.

In addition to an association representative, your association will also be assigned a number of association co-creators (one per 20 volunteers), who are extra resources that do not need to be included in your duty schedule.

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