As a volunteer, you get a discount on Roskilde Festival merchandise in the main stand in Central Park from Saturday 29 June to Tuesday 2 July. After this time, the collection is sold at normal prices.

The discount on this year’s collection is between 15-20%. You can also buy the collection from 2023 at a 40-50% discount.

See the collection

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As a volunteer, you take part in creating our festival. 

Therefore, we would like you to:

  • Think about yourself as a co-creator of your own as well as everybody else’s festival experience. Be the volunteer you want others to be!
  • Treat everybody with tolerance and respect – and make sure that others do the same.
  • Contribute to a safe and peaceful festival for everyone by always offering a solution instead of conflict.

When carrying out your assignments as a volunteer, we expect that you:

  • Show up on time.
  • Take responsibility. Thoroughly acquaint yourself with your assignment before your first shift. If in doubt, speak with your supervisor.
  • Will not leave your shift before you’re relieved. If it is busy, offer to stay a bit longer.
  • Immediately let your supervisor know, if you will be late or will not be able to show up for your shift.
  • Refer to the person in charge of the area if you’re asked a question that you don’t immediately know the answer to.
  • Speak to festivalgoers and co-volunteers in a nice and proper manner.
  • Will help your co-volunteers by showing your wristband when passing through a gate, opening your bag etc.
  • Have not consumed or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs while performing your role.
  • Help collect and separate trash and be conscious about reducing waste.
  • Clean up after yourself in the camp before you go home.

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We're creating Roskilde Festival together. 

We have a responsibility towards each other to ensure that everyone has the best experience at Roskilde Festival. 

That's why we have five guidelines for creating the true Roskilde vibe. 


1. Join the Community

Enjoy the freedom and meet others with respect and curiosity. Everyone has their own way of being – you too! When you make others feel welcome, you create the best festival experience for everyone.   


2. Look After Each Other

Keep your eyes and heart open, as we look after each other around the clock. Step in when others need a helping hand or contact the festival hosts wearing vests.   


3. Make Space

The festival can be intense and euphoric, so be mindful of others in large crowds. Be considerate of those standing next to you. Find a calmer spot if you need more space.


4. Leave it Clean 

We are united in the fight against disposable and single-use items. Bring as few camping items as possible and bring it all home. Leave the festival as clean as when you arrived by sorting your camp’s thrash. 


5. Take a Break  

Remember to take a break from partying and explore all the unexpected experiences, games and new friends in the utopian festival city. It’s in both intense and chill moments that great memories are made. 

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Roskilde Festival Charity Society organizes the festival. It is the framework for our great community and donates all profits from the festival to humanitarian and cultural work that gives life to young dreams. As a volunteer you can become a member! 

Your membership enables us to create Roskilde Festival and thus make a difference. Because the festival is about making a difference. It has been like this since the beginning, and it will continue to be like this as long as there is a strong association behind the festival. 

Become a member

Start by logging into your profile here

If you are not already logged in, click "Fortsæt som frivillig” and enter the email address you use to log in as a volunteer in People. 

Once you're logged in, go to the "Frivillig / Bliv medlem" section. Click on "Bliv medlem af foreningen" and follow the instructions on the page.

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If you do not appear for one or more of your shifts without a valid reason or without previous agreement with your supervisor, Roskilde Festival will withdraw your wristband, and charge a fee of DKK 4,500. You will also be banned as a volunteer at Roskilde Festival for the next three years. 

If you are ill or in any other way prevented from performing your role, you must contact your team leader.

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Among our committed volunteers there are some very special ones who lead the way and inspire us with their heroic deeds. We want to pay tribute to them. That's why we appoint our RFheroes – an honor for the volunteers and teams who make a significant difference to our community. 

At next year's festival, the heroes' names will be engraved in plates and placed in front of the Orange Stage. Here they will lie among other heroes, so that we can always remember and pay tribute to them. 

How to nominate 

Do you know a genuine festival hero? Nominate the person or the team in one of the following five categories:

  • Most Helpful Person or Team of the Year
  • Best Volunteer Community of the Year
  • Volunteer Effort of the Year
  • New All-year Volunteer or New Team of the Year
  • Association of the Year

The heroes are chosen by a jury consisting of management representatives in Roskilde Festival.  

You can nominate candidates for RFheroes until Friday 12 July 2024.

Nominate your festival hero here

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Take your well-deserved breaks in one of our three Volunteer Hubs where you can get free coffee, tea, water, and lemonade. See locations of the Volunteer Hubs in the volunteer version of the festival map.


Volunteer Hub Central

You will find Volunteer Hub Central in Barn 6, which has previously housed Volunteers’ Lounge. Here, you can refuel with cold and hot beverages, and use the toilets and hot showers.


Opening hours

Friday 28 June 17:00-02:00

Saturday 29 June to Saturday 6 July 07:00-02:00

Sunday 7 July you can stop by for free coffee until 18:00

Volunteer Hub East

When you go to the eastern part of the Camping Area, we hope that you will visit Volunteer Hub East. Besides free coffee, tea, water, and lemonade, we offer a favourably priced assortment of beverages with and without alcohol as well as light meals; and we have toilets and free hot showers!

Opening hours

Friday 28 June 17.00-02.00​

Saturday 29 June to Saturday 6 July 07:00-02:00


Volunteer Hub West

The festival’s third Volunteer Hub is in the western part of the Camping Area. In Volunteer Hub West, you will find the same cool facilities and tasty assortment in the bar as in Volunteer Hub East.


Opening hours

Friday 28 June 17.00-02.00​

Saturday 29 June to Saturday 6 July 07:00-02:00


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Roskilde Festival’s volunteer manifesto unfolds and describes our principles for volunteering. 

As a volunteer you are part of a community where we are equals with respect for each other’s differences. When we meet, we learn more about each other and ourselves. Some people volunteer for the community and the music, some want to learn new things, and others simply cannot help themselves. No matter why you’re here, you should feel welcome and have a say in what direction the festival is moving.



Each festival is a unique event that we create for each other, and each time you meet another person at the festival, you contribute to their festival experience. It is through you and your personal commitment that other people experience the festival. That means that you are part of creating that extra something, which makes the experience so special and memorable to everyone living in the festival city.


You can test new sides of yourself, you can make new friends and you can expand your professional network. Maybe you get a stronger sense of who you are and your abilities. You get the chance to learn, play, grow and develop yourself, and you gain experiences and new competences, which you can use in the future.



Our ambition is to contribute to a lasting change toward a more sustainable world – socially as well as environmentally and culturally. You are part of creating this lasting change. The people you meet at the festival feel your commitment and your effort. It is felt when the profits from the festival are donated to charities for children and young people all over the world, and it is felt in the local community.



All volunteers fill out a different role in creating Roskilde Festival and all contributions are irreplaceable. We will prepare you for your role, ensuring that you know what you need to know to carry out your role. We look after you and feed you, so that you are ready to do your best. It’s important to us that you have a good experience and want to return.

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In Volunteers’ Village we have everything your volunteer heart desires. The area is in the western part of the Inner Festival Area – just north of Apollo and west of the Bazar.

In this area, you can enjoy a break in calm surroundings; and when your stomach is growling, you can visit our food stand, which offers all kinds of food. 


Volunteers’ Lounge

When entering the area you will see a big tent – that’s our Volunteers’ Lounge. You can take a break here in relaxing surroundings and charge your phone in the meantime. We have free coffee, tea and lemonade, and in the bar, you can buy cold beer and water. You can also play a game of table football or beer pong with your co-volunteers.

There will be different activities throughout the week, so keep an eye on the info screens or ask in the bar.

Opening hours in Volunteers’ Lounge

Saturday 24 June to Tuesday 27 June: 09:00-23:00 
Wednesday 28 June to Saturday 1 July: 09:00-01:00 

Bar Rock

In the middle of Volunteers’ Village, you will find Bar Rock that serves as a gathering point for parties, dancing, having fun and good conversations. It offers a big selection of drinks – and a nice discount in the days until the opening of the Inner Festival Area.

In the days before the opening of the Inner Festival Area, you can see concerts with some of the bands that will also play on the festival’s other stages. In the late hours, the DJ’s take the stage and set fire to the dance floor. 


Opening hours in Bar Rock
Friday 23 June 18:00-03:00

Saturday 24 June to Tuesday 27 June 14:00-04:00

Wednesday 28 June to Friday 30 June 14:00-05:00

Saturday 1 July 14:00-03:00


Volunteers’ Wellness

In Volunteers’ Village, you will find Volunteers’ Wellness – a calm, green area for relaxation and treatment. Check the schedule in the information tent in the area.

Look forward to yoga, massage, NADA acupuncture, knitwork and other forms of creative unfolding.

Get your picture taken with other volunteers – and remember to use the tags #wellnessrf23 og #rf23 when posting on social media platforms.

In the Wellness tent you can do your hair and makeup – and get some glitter on! Occasionally, you can get your hair done by our hairdresser. In our alcohol-free garden, you can chill with a footbath. You will also find a trailer with showers.

See activities in Volunteers' Wellness (In Danish only)


Opening hours in Volunteers’ Wellness

Saturday 24 June to Saturday 1 July 10:00-20:00 


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Your commitment to our festival does not have to end when you go home. More than 1,000 passionate volunteers organise Roskilde Festival all year round. You also have the chance to become part of the passionate all-year community. 

Learn more about being an all-year volunteer


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In addition to roles, we use the collective terms Ildsjæl (all-year volunteer) and festival volunteer. But when are you one or the other? 

  • Ildsjæl (all-year volunteer) is a common term for everyone who puts in an effort of +100 hours in connection with Roskilde Festival. In People, these are all roles such as medskaber, ansvarlig, leder and chef.
  • Festival volunteer is a term for all volunteers who put in an effort of up to 99 hours. In People, these are roles such as festivalfrivillig24 and festivalfrivillig32.

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